Frequenty Asked Questions

How BeLISAC is going to address the gender discrimination in the LDCs and MICs?

In least developed and medium income countries such as countries in the southern region of Asia, this project will work to balance the gender inequality that is prevalent in ICT sectors. More young women are going to be provided with internship opportunities that will jump start their career. Moreover, this project itself is going to be implemented by female engineers.

How BeLISAC stands different from fDLuDCf project? is it a continuation of fDLuDCf project?

BeLISAC is indeed a continuation of fDLuDCf (Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility) project. In the fDLuDCf project, Zoom Platform was installed and commissioned at BdREN Cloud and accounts were provided to Beneficiary NRENs whereas BeLISAC will install servers in 4 Beneficiary countries and 2 other NRENs will be provided service

How BeLISAC is going to be successful if the pandemic is addressed?

Digitization of educational facilities has opened up a new era. Even after the pandemic, this platform will remain functional and will continue to provide services to the NRENs. But the effect that the project will have on the gender equality of the beneficiary countries will be immense.

What is the sustainability of BeLISAC?

The project will be financed by NORDUnet and TEIN*CC for 1 year.

How the Interns will be selected? How should one apply for the Internship?

There will be an interview or short examination for the internship. The procedure will be on the website when the advertisement is published.

What qualifications/experience is needed to be selected as an Intern?

Interns are required to at least be graduated from respectable universities in ICT fields.

Under BeLISAC Servers will be procured only for Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. How the requirements of Cambodia and Laos will be addressed?

CamREN and LERNET will be the two beneficiary countries who will use at least 10% of the installed hardware in the other 4 NRENs for configuring online Zoom Meetings and Classes.

How the Server Procurement will be done?

The requirements will be sent by the 4 beneficiary countries to NORDUnet.

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